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Planet | Environmental development

We design solutions for the care, preservation and regeneration of the environment

The impact of the environmental problems in human life is meaningful and affects mainly those communities that live in more vulnerable situations.

From a planetary boundaries perspective, it is necessary to consider the impact of our actions in the environment and in human life. “Planetary boundaries” is a concept that defines the physical and biological limits of the planet: by crossing those boundaries, there is a risk of causing irreversible damage to the environment. Those boundaries include biodiversity loss,

climate change, acidification of oceans, chemical pollution and overexploitation of natural resources.

Some of the consequences to these problems that we already know are the expansion and origin of new diseases, together with public health issues, extreme climate events, critical decrease of natural resources and essential raw materials, and the irreversible decline in millions of flora and fauna species, among others.

Therefore, we work together and in collaboration in the search for and design of solutions that mitigate these issues and that promote a greater adaptability as well as local resilience.

Our environmental development projects

Energy access in rural areas

Large-scale community composting

Solutions to water with arsenic

Water filters for home use

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