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People | Human Development

We seek to contribute to the inclusion, well-being and development of the most vulnerable people and communities, with comprehensive and systemic solutions.

As regards human development, we believe it is necessary to articulate actions and coordinate efforts that facilitate the comprehensive development of the most vulnerable people and the full exercise of their rights.

We work together with the community, civil society organizations, companies and the government to coordinate efforts and create systemic solutions that improve welfare conditions, equality and inclusion, through our collaborative work with communities, civil society, companies and state.
Human development was the first area in which we worked and major organizations supported us from the beginning, such as Haciendo camino, Amaranta, Fundación Franciscana, Pata pila, Sembrando portunidades and Familia de Belén – Conin Escobar.

Our social development projects

Sustainable food systems for childhood development (SAS)

Humanized care for early childhood model

Fruver to the rescue

More solutions


Environmental development


Economic development